These Javanese ethnics among them come from East Java, West Java, Madura, Lombok and so on. They are also here to stay in Johor. Javanese are there and will stay there. So, culture-wise of the Javanese, does this impact the effects on the surrounding. What is their culture look-like?  

They used to be primarily concentrated on the agricultural sector, but now, in addition to agriculture and rough boroh, they are now interested in building. Although the Javanese are numerous, their cultural influence is confined within their community and less widespread among other Malay ethnic groups in Selangor, with the exception of a few foods such as tempeh, soto, mee Bandung, nasi ambeng, and the most popular satay. This is because of the ngoko and chromo barriers in the Javanese language, as well as the strong feudal social inequality that makes communication and socialisation difficult. From the beginning, the Javanese community concentrated in the northern section of Selangor, which is a fertile agricultural area, such as Sabak Bernam and Kuala Selangor. They’re everywhere in Selangor now, thanks to the latest influx of newcomers.

Javanese hold on to this concept of `careful (amit-amit)` in the life of the Javanese community. So as not to fall or go against the right path that can lead to destruction. To ensure `safety` then look for what is termed as` Compatibility` in life.

Compatibility is seen through four approaches, namely:

1) Approach to God

2) Approach to Nature

3) Approach to Humans

4) Approach with Self

In the end we are talking about the birth of a person-actually from the mother’s womb to childhood.

Speaking of pregnancy, what does Javanese culture pregnancy look like? 

Javanese Culture In Pregnancy and The Outlines 

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  • Pregnancy – Husbands are forbidden to kill animals for fear of the fetus becoming like a killed animal. They really hold onto this. It has been there for centuries. 
  • When pregnant for the first trimester which is 3 months: When washing the example of the wife’s hair, kind of pray that the child is happy to come out as easily as the water goes down. 
  • When the baby reaches seven months, the `tingkebun` ceremony is performed – the abdomen that a child is expected to have when born is perfect. While under the house, a thorny pandanus is provided to ward off the spirits of the guards so as not to commit any evil.
  • After the birth of the baby through the cleansing ceremony and when to walk through the ceremony of `pijak tanah` and then through the educational process.
  • After childbirth the mother go through strict abstinence. Be charitable with food and medicine that aims to warm the body to restore a healthy and normal body shape.

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