How The Time Fibre Internet Really Works

How The Time Fibre Internet Really Works

The importance, often neglected due to ignorance, of online security and privacy has become evident, which, in my opinion, will even gain more importance in the future. Taking care of privacy is something common to the interests of any user, but especially important and sensitive when we talk about minors, who, despite the awareness and sensitization work developed, still have behaviors carelessly unaware of the consequences of their digital activity. For that, using Time Fibre is the best choice. Visit  for more details.

The Perfect Service

We have always been very aware of this, and in Malaysia all users have the maximum level of privacy and protection of their personal data and information activated by default. Only those people who the user has accepted as a friend can access their personal information, as well as view their phone numbers or download their photos. That is, by default, access to user information is not allowed by third-party users. There are also reporting and complaint mechanisms available to all users. Anyone can report inappropriate, abusive or non-compliant profiles and photos and act immediately. Security and privacy inquiries are resolved within a maximum period of 24 hours. 
  • However, the care for privacy is very different between some and other tools on the internet. Some are totally open and public and do not have measures to guarantee the protection of personal information and index all profiles in Internet search engines.

The Policies and Results

On the other hand, we consider that the debate on the age of entry into social networks does not make entirely sense when the majority of tools at a global level do not have any type of limitation in this regard. The European regulatory framework differs greatly from that of the American or Asian. European companies must comply with a strict policy regarding privacy or the participation of minors in social networks, which can become a competitive disadvantage if the rules of the game are not the same for everyone, competing with American or Japanese tools that have no limitations, for example, to the age of access.

What is Essential for the Users

Beyond industry or regulators, it is essential that users themselves take care of and concern themselves with the privacy of their data. I accept that the data is the property of the client and, along these lines, the client is the one with the option to control the assortment, use and divulgence of any data about himself. Some interpersonal organizations appear to have failed to remember it when they popularize information, making it difficult to erase a profile or limit admittance to private data with complex administration techniques. Everything ought to be a lot more straightforward and more straightforward.

Kevin Larson