How To Spot an Illegal Gambling Site

How To Spot an Illegal Gambling Site

Illegal Gambling Sites

Now gambling, is legal in most western countries. If it is legal in yours, you would definitely find some casinos in hotels or on their own, but you will also be able to find plenty of online casinos as well.

However casinos most likely have to be registered with a local government department in order to operate. Online casinos need to do this as well when they set up as a website.

There have been quite a few cases where illegal gambling sites are being run, unregistered, posing a significant risk to the financial status of those who go on them to play some online poker.  

Operating and going on illegal gambling sites can also put you under the eye of the authorities, and may potentially lead to legal prosecution. 

So, how could one tell whether a site is legal or not, well in this article, I shall explain to you how you can spot the details of an illegal gambling site, so do stick around! Here we go. 

Study the Law

OK, before you even begin considering gambling, ensure that your country of residence does indeed allow gambling in registered casinos, as in some countries gambling is illegal and punishable by jail time.

Countries that do allow gambling will have a national Gambling Board and Authority. You can refer to them to see a list of registered casinos and websites if you want to gamble.

There are several ways that a site can become Blacklisted. They are:

Disappearing Payments

If you made a payment to the site for a bet and all of a sudden that payment is gone, or lost due to “technical difficulties,” then you might have just found yourself and gotten yourself into an illegal and blacklisted gambling site.

They most likely took your money and buggered off, if you try to ask them for you money back, chances are they will just ignore you and block your access. 

Pirated and Tampered Software

Casinos that are registered have to invest a lot in ensuring that they get the right software that is functional and not troublesome to users on the site. After all, they are handling money. 

But this isn’t the case with illegal sites, the fact that they are already breaking the law means that they have to acquire software through illegal means, so that they do not get their cover blown, hence why they use pirated software which can be flawed.

Legal online casinos ensure that they use random number generators to ensure the odds are not stacked against the user, but this is definitely not the case with the illegals ones who seek to take your money by giving you poor chances.

User feedback or the lack thereof

If you find something that troubles you and you try to complain to them, only to get little to no responses, chances are that the site is running illegally. 

Legal sites take their reputation seriously, so user feedback is very important as word can get around about casinos not being up to par, a case with many other business ventures too.

So if you spot a site that does not respond to user feedback, then it is most likely illegal.

A Lot of Bugs

A clean site like this sg online casino is an example of a site that has people ensuring that their are no bugs disrupting the user base. 

But in the case with illegal sites, due to the use of tempered and pirated software, you can bet (Get it?) that there will be tons of software bugs that will hinder everything.

And those should be the things to look out for when you are looking for gambling sites. 

But rest assured, as most sites which are illicit have been found and black listed. You can always find lists of black listed pages on various government sites if you need a reference. 

Kevin Larson

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