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Make your “customer service” oriented

Make your “customer service” oriented

It doesn’t matter your business is small or big, every business goal is to strive for the same value which is minimize their cost, especially those business that are on a start-up period and searching for low budget method to boost their business. It requires a good financial plan and also the most important part is advertising. It is not enough to only have a good marketing strategy, before that it needs to have a good web design Malaysia to promote and advertise their product and services.

When customer feel that their demands been solved and solved quickly, immediately the website will leave a good impression on customer’s mind. In that sense, you build a wonderful relationship with the customers. Great understanding of the customer psychology is very important for business growth. It doesn’t matter customer do purchasing or not, at least leaving a good impression to the customer is a perfect way to start your business.

The key to unlocking customer’s heart is good customer care service by responding to their needs ASAP. The seller should understand the concept of “time sensitivity”. Nobody is willing to purchase at a low-efficiency website when there are so many other options out there. The seller shouldn’t let any possibility to slip away just like that.

The seller can consider of doing promotion. Seller can do promotion by giving out e-Voucher to the existing customer and also to the new customer to attract them to join as a membership. Through communication, seller needs to be flexible and always expect the unexpected. Most of us will experiencing receiving an extra discount code after we sending out complain emails to the seller. This is the technical technique that most of the seller uses to show the sincerity and care.

Customer care needed to be shown in “obvious” area in the website. It is preferable for seller to include a chat box to solve customer’s concern quicker. It required a clear navigation to the customer letting them know that even after working hours are still possible to leaving a message to the website. It will make the online business work effectively.

Auto reply message is “never miss” tricks to ensure the website are “alive”. Customer will be afraid to do purchase to a website that seems “dead”. Usually when we send a message to a page on Facebook we will receive an immediate reply like “we will get back to you in a short period of time”.

To sum up, the location of your CTA button will defines your responsibility and reliable level.

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