PC Games Can Be Play on Android Too Now 

The advantage of PC games is that the graphics quality is better than mobile games on smartphones. But thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, how many PC games can be played smoothly on Android smartphones.

With increasingly high specifications, almost on par with computers, how many Android phones are capable of running heavy games with high graphics quality.

Which Is Better: PC or Mobile Phone Games 

PC games circulating on Android are usually in the form of adaptations with some adjustments. However, the gameplay presented is not much different.

Mobile phone vendors have released many cheap gaming cell phones of 1 million with qualified specifications. Even if you want high specifications, you can buy a gaming cellphone of 2 million and above. That way, you can play PC games on Android for free more smoothly.

This list of PC games on Android 2021 that I recommend from various types and genres. Interestingly, there are several PC games on Android that can be played offline, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection problems.

Talking about genres, there are also various kinds, ranging from open-world games, or shooting games, offline and online multiplayer games or airplane simulator games on PC and Android, and others.

Want to know what games? Let’s look at the list of the latest recommendations for PC games that can be played on Android

1. Dead by Daylight

Game Dead By Daylight also recently arrived on mobile devices. This multiplayer survival horror genre game was previously quite well known on PC. A few weeks ago, this game was actually given for free! So check your store to see if there are free games that the store provides. 

Dead by Daylight PS4™ & PS5™ (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

Its popularity makes interactive through behavior developers willing to bring this game to mobile devices. In the game, there is a 1 vs 4 mechanism that involves a hunter who is in charge of capturing survivors.

You can play as 4 survivors with other players, or choose to be a hunter alone to chase other players who become survivors.

Your skills to dodge as a survivor are needed to escape the hunter’s pursuit. There are also various traps that you can use. In contrast, hunters also have special abilities that can be used to chase survivors.

The gripping nuance that is presented is also an added value that this game offers. Guaranteed your adrenaline will increase during playing it. Dare to try?

2. PUBG Mobile

Another PC game on Android that you can play is PUBG Mobile. The game made by Tencent was also popular on PC first. Not long after, this game arrived on Android devices and received a positive response until now. There are various modes that you can play. Starting from Battle Royale, TDM or Team Deathmatch, and others.

For example, in Battle Royale, you can play alone or solo, in duo or together with friends, to squad with 3 other friends. One goal that you must achieve when playing the PUBG Mobile game is to get a chicken dinner.

There are also 4 battlefields with their own characteristics, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. All of these maps are displayed in pretty good graphics for an Android game. Have a good internet connection to play games like by Jom Apply wireless broadband unifi

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