Smart Options for Internet with TM Unifi Malaysia

Smart Options for Internet with TM Unifi Malaysia

In case of problems with an internet connection, it is always important to test by being connected by cable directly to the modem to see if the problem is the connection or simply the wifi. Using the TM Unifi Malaysia is an important part here.


As an alternative, there is also the CPL. It is about technology making a pass on the electric cable the signals in the case which concerns us of a computer network.

PLC is a fairly old technology used, for example, by electricity network operators to transmit management signals for their networks. It is through this type of signal that the signal passes, causing your electricity meter to switch from day mode to night mode and vice versa. It is also through this kind of signal that the signals used by the famous Linky meters pass, causing so many problems in France.

It is therefore this technology, adapted to the signals necessary for a home computer network, which is made available via various equipment. Some sold by operators, others directly in a store.

The signal passing through TM Unifi Malaysia sockets may be disturbed or of poor quality. The age and equipment are specific to the electrical network, the equipment connected to it or even the possible but rare disturbances of the electrical signal itself. Also, be careful, some electrical panels may be fitted with signal filters. If in doubt, the advice of an electrician can be useful.

  • There are different CPL standards for speed. The most important going to 1.2 Gbit / s. But even more than for wifi, the CPL sees this speed drop astronomically. So do not expect to have a Gigabits network via TM Unifi Malaysia. Expecting 100 Mbit / s will already be almost miraculous.
  • As with wifi, connecting directly to the modem can be useful to check if the problem comes from the connection or precisely from the TM Unifi Malaysia network.

Network cable

The network cable is probably the safest way, except for a damaged or poor quality cable. This will only suffer from a few external elements. It is therefore a good basis for knowing the quality of your connection. Especially since changing cables is often quite easy.

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