Some Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

Some Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

A kitchen that is easy to see at a glance is something that everyone wants. The kitchen is considered to be easy to use in order to make things easily accessible rather than from an aesthetic perspective. A cupboard with doors to store all your kitchen utensils and spices looks very clean and tidy. But opening and closing doors and drawers in a small kitchen can feel cramped.  The “opening” action can also become cumbersome when it increases. There are serval kitchen storage ideas that will be shared in the next paragraphs for household wives who have some kitchen food storage problems. 

1. Spices to be stowed in trays

Spices are the most used in cooking. What are some of the seasonings that are always on hand? Salt, pepper, soy sauce, sugar, sesame seeds, and a variety of spices. Seasonings that are often used need to be received in trays and placed in front of the window. The salt, sugar and sesame seeds need to be re-bottled. The salt and sugar need to be placed in a moisture-absorbing spice jar so that they do not become lumpy with moisture. Once you’ve put all the ingredients together in a tray, you’ll have the impression in your head that all the ingredients are here! and you will unconsciously reach for it when you cook. It’s a great way to put spices like nutmeg, which you don’t normally use but would be bothered if you didn’t have it, in this tray. Also, when cleaning the windows, it’s easy to pick up the whole tray and clean it.  

2. A clever way to store your favourite tableware in large quantities

Choosing tableware is a pleasure and it is often motivated to choose the right plates for the corresponding food. Even when you first buy new cutlery, your mind conjures up dishes to go with it, and it’s not uncommon for you to cook just to use it. For example, you could choose a different amount of plates with different colours and sizes.  In the cupboards, you can store a wide range of glass and earthenware plates that need to be replaced depending on the season.

3. Use of kitchen walls

Hang up spatulas, spoons, knives, colander spoons, small ramekins and other kitchenware with holes in them, whatever you can. There are many ways to hang them, hanging rods or S-hooks, stainless steel combination wall hangers, you can take your pick.

4. Label your items 

Label the pile as “utensils that will be used”, “utensils that are used more frequently”, ”utensils that cannot be replaced by anything else”, etc., to strictly select the items to be kept. For a family of four, 2 spatulas, 2 ladles and 2 rice spoons, 4 sets of knives, forks and spoons for the family and 2 sets for the guests are basically enough. If the family has a need for water and coffee and tea, it is more advisable to create a corner in the dining area and bar rather than taking up space in the kitchen. The remaining cling film, bottle openers and other items that are used relatively infrequently are sorted by colour and material and put into drawers one by one. 

Kevin Larson