The Different Varieties of SEO

There are many different types of SEO techniques that are very different from one another. Trying to obtain a higher SEO ranking can be difficult and tedious, as there are many other websites also trying to contend for a higher spot on the rankings. However SEO Malaysia can assist your website in moving up the ranks of SEO and therefore gaining more traffic. This article will be discussing about three types of SEOs and hopefully it can help you decide which technique is best for you.

The first type of SEO is called the White Hat SEO. This type of SEO is more for a long term goal for your website. In order to gain more traffic for a much longer time will be very beneficial for your website as the increase of traffic, will lead to more traffic for your website. The White Hat SEO technique, is done through using ethical and long term ways in order to move your website up the SEO rankings. As White Hat SEO techniques don’t go against the webmaster guidelines made by the search engine, it will definitely help your website reach the top of SEO rankings, however it is a much more tedious process than other techniques.

The second type of SEO is called Black Hat SEO. Now Black Hat SEO is almost the complete technique of White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO also has the same goal as a White Hat SEO, it is used in order to gain a higher ranking. Black Hat SEO techniques are however unethical in a way. It does not follow webmaster guidelines and therefore the website can face harsh consequences or even being removed entirely from the search engine. This technique comes with a lot of risks, and therefore it is only for short term goals.

The last technique this article will be discussing is called a Grey Hat SEO. Now this SEO technique is a mixture of both Black Hat and White Hat. It is basically a mixture of both techniques therefore it still comes with the risks of facing consequences due to it going against the webmaster guidelines.
Hopefully this article has helped in explaining the different type of SEO techniques and that it can be helpful to you. SEO Malaysia can offer many services when it comes to helping your website move up in rankings and it will guarantee the first page spot.

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