What to be Cautious about in Kuala Lumpur

What to be Cautious about in Kuala Lumpur

Do You Have to be Cautious in Kuala Lumpur?

Learning about Kuala Lumpur is actually essential if you are planning to buy sale pantai hillpark bangsar south property, buy property seni mont kiara condo or buy property g residence kl for sale in this part of Malaysia and settle here for good. In actual, that is not the only thing that you must research about this area, especially if you are not really a local here. You should also learn some of the things that you must not do, especially if such things will put you in a tough spot. You see, if you are planning to start a new business here, getting along with the locals from pantai hillpark bangsar and g residence desa pandan, and other expats will be at your advantage. You surely don’t want to cause bad relationships when you aim to make them one of your customers.
But what exactly are the things that you must not do in the capital city of the South? If you are determined to know about them, feel free to check below:

1. You don’t need to avoid local diners. Yes, they may seem daunting at first look, especially seeing that they are always full of locals or expats, but you will surely miss a lot of you won’t be able to taste what they have to offer. After all, as Malaysia is the home of different breeds, foods from the different lands are usually available for everyone to take delight of. Instead, you have to bear in mind that a busy restaurant means good food.

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2. No public display of affection. Yes, this is not allowed in this part of the globe knowing that most people here are Muslims and they are quite the conservative types. If you don’t want to antagonize the locals, even if from where you come, this is just an ordinary thing, you should not hug, kiss or anything that is considered PDA in any part of Malaysia.

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3. Taxis in Malaysia might be safe to use, but not when it comes to their fares. Yes, unless the taxi driver will use the meter, you should not get into any taxi at all. Most of them will not use the meter and will just deal you with a fixed price that is a lot more from what you will pay with the meter. Besides, you can always use the railways as they have trains that are fast and can go to any part of Kuala Lumpur.

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4. Don’t initiate shake hands unless someone will first offer his hands. As most of the people here are Islam, physical contact is not their usual act. This is even prohibited by their religion, even as simple as shaking hands. So as not to be in trouble even if you are not a Muslim yourself, might as well avoid physical contact in any form as well.

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5. When you are about to enter what they consider as a holy place, or a home of someone you met, you should take off your shoes. They expect that of you, and it is their practice. It is perceived as respect and again, you should dress appropriately even when visiting another home. You must not wear shorts or short skirts and so on.

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6. Don’t underestimate the traffic in Kuala Lumpur as just like the traffic in other countries, it can get congested in this state as well. Thus, if you have a plane to catch, be sure you start early, or you might miss it. Even if you think it is not the time of the day for the traffic to get dragging, you should still go early just to make sure.

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7. Yes, it is usually hot in Malaysia and that is due to its geographical location. However, there are times where they will also be visited with occasional rains and even thunderstorms at that. At times like that, you cannot trust anybody but your umbrella thus, it is safe to always bring one. In fact, your umbrella is more reliable than the weatherman.

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Aside from that you might want to inspect the real estate industry in Kuala Lumpur since you plan to buy a property in Malaysia, there are still so many other things to do in this state. So, in case you have free time, you can check the following:

What is there in Kuala Lumpur?

* The tallest twin towers which is known as the Petronas towers should be worth your time. Yes, they are the tallest twin towers in the world, thus it would be a pity if this will not be included in your pictures. Not only that this is enough to for you to check, the view of Kuala Lumpur will also be breathtaking from up there.

* Another way to spend your free time is checking out the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Here you will see some magnificent feathery animals. You will find about 3000 of birds here. Don’t forget this site and for sure, this will add excitement to your photo album.

* They also have the Sunway Lagoon Themed Park that will surely complete your day. This is just perfect for everyone. If you are with your family, you will surely have a lot of fun here. This is not just a theme park, here in the same place, you will also experience the wildlife as well as extreme rides which will surely be amazing for the adventurous people.

* The central market is the best place to shop if you are now planning to buy some goods for your family. Here the products are affordable and if you know how to haggle, you can even get some discounts. Before, this is just a wet market, but that is not the case anymore. Here you will find the perfect souvenirs, arts and crafts and a lot more.

It would be amazing to settle in Kuala Lumpur and buy property for sale g residence klcc indeed as it has everything you need, especially with boom of their real estate. As you are planning to take part of the real estate here, today is the best time to start your project. Not only that the properties in Kuala Lumpur like buy property for sale g residence are cheaper, at the same time, this place is also bustling with opportunities with so many tourists coming in and out of the state. A rental property will just be perfect with so many renters looking for a place to stay at g residence room for rent, g residence kl room for rent and pantai hillpark rent.

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