Financial Freedom and What I Think About It

I have read some information regarding financial freedom. Oh it sounds so nice. I found some meanings on what some people define financial freedom is: 

This is what Sinar Harian told regarding the financial freedom: 

According to personal finance experts, conventional financial freedom has different meanings for different individuals. Some may assume that financial freedom means 100% debt free. While, some argue that financial freedom means a lot of savings in the bank. On the other hand, some popular meanings of financial freedom are being a millionaire, being able to buy what you want without looking at the price tag, not afraid of not being able to pay for utility bill arrears, having big salary, stay at home, being rich, did not depending on other people’s financial needs, and much more. Basically it is what people called, goyang kaki tapi duit ada.  

Let’s look at other people opinion:

Zig Ziglar views financial freedom as “You will have everything in your life if you can help others to get what they want in their lives.” Well, that gives us something to think about. 

Personally, for me, I think that everyone has a different definition of financial freedom. This is because each of us has different problems and different priorities. Then, we come from different family backgrounds. We are raised differently. We faced different things. And of course, we seek and see life in different ways from one another. To seek financial freedom, don’t work too hard. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Here are some of my thoughts and why I think there are more things that matter. 

Freedom of Time or Time Independency

The majority of people desire having scheduling flexibility. At this point, it differs from the freedom of people who do nothing. The freedom of time at this time refers to the ability to spend time with family and pursue hobbies or interests while still earning a living. If you have a stable lifestyle and you can enjoy time with your family, that is more than enough. With business or working with people, having an extra time is precious. Value that. Times will never come back. 

Have an Extra Money After Shopping

Most people follow the practise of spending first, then saving. This statement is not wrong, but there is a better way: save first, then spend.

If you’ve paid off your debts and bills, I’m sure you have the willpower or advantage to save before you go on a shopping spree, right? If not, this indicates that you have an internal problem that needs to be addressed. It will be difficult to advance to the next level as long as this problem is not resolved. Please learn to save before spend all your money. 

Sufficient Money To Retire

You’ve met people who despise their jobs but continue to work because they have dependents on others. They are willing to do anything to expedite the process of quitting work, such as begin saving money. Then, they are also willing to cut back on their lifestyle by selling everything that is a liability to them. It is not acceptable to dislike your job. I mean you do what you gotta do. However, if you are determined to retire early, make the necessary arrangements to determine how much minimum savings you will require to retire. The tip is to ensure that your retirement fund can cover the costs.

In a nutshell, all I can say is, being financially independent is a very big mission. It is a very long journey. It needs planning and it takes time. If you are looking for a cheap high-quality gutter bumbung, click here. 

Kevin Larson

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