What does the Airplane Maintenance Staff do to Safeguard the Safety of Passengers?

What does the Airplane Maintenance Staff do to Safeguard the Safety of Passengers?

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia

Cabin safety problems do not begin and finish with the pre-flight safety demonstration. On-board aircraft include a variety of safety features that are critical in an emergency. The airline’s pre-flight safety checklist is extensive, including life vests and vest boxes, oxygen masks, and an escape slide, among other items.

Oxygen Mask and Pressure Mask for Planes.

Aircraft fly at altitudes exceeding 30,000 feet, where air pressure is only approximately a quarter of that at sea level. The loss of pressure will cause breathing difficulties and, if left unchecked, death in less than a minute. To avoid this, aircrafts pump air into the cabin to maintain a comfortable level of interior pressure for passengers. However, depressurization can still happen if the ventilation system fails or if there are leaks in the hull. When the plane’s sensors detect a drop in pressure, the breathing equipment (oxygen mask) is immediately deployed in front of the passenger.

Life Jackets

All aircrafts have life vests on board as part of their safety equipment, which are utilised in emergency circumstances requiring landing on water. Typically, life vests are stored under the passenger seat. It doesn’t stop a zealous traveller from adding the life jacket to his ‘Collections.’ These life vests are checked on a regular basis to verify their availability and condition.

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia

Other Vital Life-Saving Equipment

A plane’s lifesaving equipment includes more than simply a life jacket and an oxygen mask. An extremely important one is the fire extinguisher, smoke hoods which protect in contradiction of smoke inhalation, gaseous fire extinguisher which does not have a residue upon evaporation, crash axe for access to inaccessible parts of the aeroplane during an emergency, for example behind electrical panels, and the urgent radio beacon that alerts search and rescue teams.

In addition to the First Aid Kit, there is an Emergency Medical Kit that contains life-saving medical supplies in the event of a medical emergency.

A lightweight, portable device examines the heart beat and sends a shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm in persons who have experienced sudden cardiac arrest. Other items include fireproof gloves and a full-face oxygen mask.

When ramps or steps are unavailable, the Emergency Descent Device lets pilots and crew members drop safely to the tarmac during an on-ground emergency. Other items on an aircraft include a supplemental survival kit, portable emergency location transmitter, and polar kit, as well as an escape slide, child restraint system, reservoir assembly, and bracket for PBE. Life rafts are utilised during emergency water landings.

While airports and airlines have cutting-edge technology in place to prevent passengers and crew from bringing harmful products, the long list of pre-flight inspections is manual, time-consuming, and inefficient. Because the manual approach of pre-flight safety audit does not properly demonstrate, as proof of carrying out the audit in line with the safety policy, there is a visibility gap in the effectiveness of the safety check. Human screening is not without flaws.

Convert to a Digital Pre-Flight Safety Inspection

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia work ethics is designed to conduct a digital safety audit, check the availability of all life saving equipment, and ensure that it is expiry authenticated and tamper proof in order to obtain more control over vital in-flight assets and assure passenger safety. Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia cuts safety audit time in half for on-time flight clearance while maintaining visibility and safety compliance.

Aircraft Safety and Survival Equipment Malaysia

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